Lisa Irvine on the Ebola crisis: how it’s effecting the poorest regions of the world and the progress towards a vaccine.

 Ebola economics and the Bottom Billion. In March 2014 the first official cases of Ebola were reported in Guinea and Liberia.  Nine months on, the outbreak has escalated to the most severe in the disease’s history, claiming over 6000 deaths.  Until 2014, there were just over 1000 recorded cases in […]

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Focus on Starting your PhD

Starting your PhD Starting a PhD can seem daunting, but taking a professional approach to your development from the start can help make the path smoother, and enable you to be a more successful researcher in the long run. On the Vitae website you will find a guide to making a […]

Tine van Bortel on the global suicide epidemic, leadership in public mental health, and why we should care.

The global Mental Health Action Plan (2013-2020) and the launch of the first World Suicide Report ‘Preventing suicide: a global imperative’. On the 4th and 5th of September 2014, a specially invited global committee of stakeholders gathered at the WHO in Geneva to discuss the strategic directions, actions and innovations […]