NIHR CLAHRCsThirteen new NIHR CLAHRCs have been funded from January 2014 to carry out world-class applied health research focused on the needs of patients and to translate research evidence into practice in the NHS.

CLAHRCs are partnerships set up between health and social care organisations, universities and other relevant bodies to improve patient and population outcomes through the conduct and application of applied health research.

In 2008, nine CLAHRCs were funded for five years by the NIHR, to address the “second gap in translation” [A review of UK health research funding, Sir David Cooksey. HM Treasury, December 2006]. This crucial stage in translating research into practice involves the evaluation and identification of those new interventions that are effective and appropriate for everyday use in the NHS and the process of their implementation into routine clinical practice.

The aims of the NIHR CLAHRCs are to:

  • develop and conduct applied health research relevant across the NHS and to translate research findings into improved outcomes for patients
  • create a distributed model for the conduct and application of applied health research that links those who conduct applied health research with all those who use it in practice across the health community
  • create and embed approaches to research and its dissemination that are specifically designed to take account of the way that health care is delivered across the regional health economy
  • increase the country’s capacity to conduct high quality applied health research focused on the needs of patients and particularly research targeted at chronic disease and public health interventions
  • improve patient outcomes in diverse local populations and across the wider NHS
  • contribute to the country’s growth by working with industry.

Read our new brochure for more information on the NIHR CLAHRCs.

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