The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (WCMT) are looking for people who will be able to undertake research overseas and on return disseminate their new knowledge and examples of best practice.

Applicants must demonstrate that their project will have a wider benefit within their community or field, in addition to their own personal development.

Amongst the categories are:

  • Medicine, Health & Patient Care – with particular interest for those involved with nursing and social care to improve care and respect for the dignity of the patient.
  • Mental Health – community based treatment and support, including training and awareness for those in education and youth organisations/ veterans and their families or provide support in the work place

Applications are invited from Nurses, Care Staff, Therapists, Doctors and others involved in this area.

Grants cover return and internal travelling, daily living and insurance within the countries visited. No qualifications are required.

The deadline to submit an application is planned for the end of September (exact date TBC).

 For more details please see:

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