The Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care East of England (CLAHRC EoE) Prioritisation Group is pleased to invite proposals for it’s next round of funding, for projects starting April 2016.

This call is for all of CLAHRC EoE’s partnering organisations who are interested in developing and submitting an Applied Health Research proposal for funding.

The CLAHRC theme leads executive met on 3rd July to continue discussing the shape of applied health research they would like to see supported 2016-18. They confirmed that the CLAHRC EoE focuses on generating evidence to support the most vulnerable people in society navigating its most complex health and social care systems. Systems thinking (patient safety), PPI and health economics are interwoven in projects arising from this focus. Projects could be conceived on a number of levels from the micro-, individual level to the meso-, local or regional system level, to the macro-, societal or population levels.

The need for projects to involve (practically and in terms of matched funding) partner organisations means that a single project or hypothesis is not practical. However, the CLAHRC is keen that funding applications from themes attempt to explain their position within these conceptual levels and, where value would be added, address questions relevant to more than one client group.

The MEG will be pleased to look at project ideas and draft applications via theme leads over the summer in order to help develop the ideas further. It is also planning to update the FAQs document as questions arise (please see below).

If you have a research idea that is aligned with the above and fits within at least one of the CLAHRC EoE research themes, please contact the relevant research Theme Lead to discuss.

The following outlines the process and key dates for developing and submitting research proposals:

  • June to August 2015: Partner organisations and research theme leads to develop proposals
  • September 1st 2015: Deadline for submitting to PPI Theme for review (please see guidance below)
  • September 28th 2015: Deadline for submitting proposals to Prioritisation Group for review
  • During October to December 2015: Decisions will be made and theme leads informed
  • April 1st 2016: Projects to begin

Proposals must be submitted to the Prioritisation Group via the Theme Lead 

Contact details for each Theme Lead can be found on their profiles here.

FAQs – CLAHRC Project Applications

PPI Guidance for Researchers



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