The Mental Health Foundation has teamed up with the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to provide an exciting programme of travelling fellowships in 2016.

The fellowships will directly support British citizens who want to travel overseas to gain knowledge, experience and best practice to benefit others in their UK professions and communities and society as a whole.

Who is it for?

There are 150 fellowships and the Trust is looking for people involved in delivering community-based treatment and support; people working with veterans and their families; and those providing support in the work place. The new community-based approaches category includes people providing training and awareness.

What will be the outcome of the programme?

To maximise the impact of the programme, the Mental Health Foundation will help to disseminate the key lessons learnt from the Fellowships so that best practice can be transferred to the UK.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Tuesday 22 September 2015.

 For further information please visit the website 

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