Research Awards for Health Professionals: 2016  January Round

22 January 2016: closing date for preliminary applications
30 March 2016: closing date for full applications

This scheme is intended for practising health professionals who wish to carry out a period of humanities or social science research in any area of human and animal health. Research can address a real-life issue in the candidate’s professional practice, or be conceptual and/or historical in scope.

The award period can be either full-time or part-time while maintaining professional commitments. Part-time awardees will be expected to spend at least 50 per cent of their time on their research. The length of the award is flexible and can either short-term (typically up to six months) or up to three-years full-time equivalent.

The scheme can be used to enrol on a PhD for those who have little or no humanities or social science experience. It can also be used to undertake postdoctoral research. Longer awards of this nature are particularly aimed at those who intend to pursue an academic career in either the humanities or social sciences.

For full details and link to the application process please click here.

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