Christina-Jane Crossman-Barnes - ImageChristina-Jane Crossman-Barnes: My Journey to becoming a PhD student

When I graduated from my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Southampton, I knew that I wanted to continue in a health-related field as health issues have always been of interest to me. After doing some research into what job opportunities there were, I came across a summer placement opportunity at a Health Economic Consultancy in Sheffield. The link between health and its economic value in the job description gripped me into finding out more, and so I applied for the summer placement and was successful in gaining a place. I learnt so much here, from literature searches to designing models, and I was amazed at how important this role is and how much impact it can have on society. After this enjoyable experience, I continued to study and do a Masters in Health Economics at the University of East Anglia and after enduring a year here, I was set in staying in this field.

Towards the end of my course, I applied for a mixture of posts all related to Health Economics, but the advertised PhD position focusing on asthma really appealed to me. Having asthma myself, and knowing many people and family members who also have this condition, was a strong lead for applying. I thought that being able to do first-hand research and manage my own project on a condition that I feel strongly about was exciting, so I went for it and applied. Looking back as my first year comes to a close, the experience so far has been fantastic! Designing my own project, going on training programmes, travelling to conferences, and meeting and networking with new people has been brilliant. This year has been thoroughly enjoyable and I am excited for what will be in store for me next year!

Christina-Jane Crossman-Barnes


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