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I have thought about doing a PhD sometime in the future but I did not know that I will be doing it this early in my career. I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 2014, with a Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) and undertook my pre-registration year in hospital. During my pre-registration year, I worked closely with patients, pharmacists and other health care professionals. While working in the care of the elderly ward and seeing patients being readmitted not long after they have been discharged, I was particularly interested in medication safety issues especially during the discharge process and making sure that important information about patients’ medication is conveyed to their community pharmacist and GP. Therefore, when I saw the PhD title “Medication safety at the interface between secondary and primary care for high risk older patients across the East of England” I immediately applied as I felt this was an opportunity to study in-depth on a topic that I was already interested in and potentially look for solutions to the current issues. The application process was straight forward and I feel fortunate to have been accepted to do this PhD at the University of Hertfordshire.


I am now two months into my PhD and I am enjoying attending conferences, research development programmes and meetings with supervisors to get me started. It is a whole different experience and I’m learning every day. The more I read around the topic area, the more it interests me and I want to do something to solve the issue with support from my supervisors. I look forward to the next few months in this journey and I hope it brings out the best in me. I also look forward to presenting my research at conferences in the future.

Suzan Job Bake


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