The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) has set-up a new Dissemination Centre to make health research evidence easier to reach for those who need it. 

It provides clear, relevant and useful information about the latest research for people working in health and social care, as well as patients. Hundreds of the latest research papers from both the NIHR and other research providers are critically assessed to identify the most reliable and significant findings.

The Centre takes these findings and produces three different types of report that summarise and interpret the evidence:

  • NIHR Signals: Accessible, timely summaries of the most recent, relevant and important research published every week on the Discover Portal. The insight of patients, carers, health professionals and academics are used by the editorial team to help them decide which abstracts will make the most useful Signals.
  • NIHR Highlights: Short reviews of research in key areas, targeted at practitioners, decision-makers and patients. The Highlight is developed in discussion with key stakeholders and is presented in different formats for varying audiences. A Highlight includes clear guidance for readers on how they can follow up or implement the findings of the research.
  • Themed Reviews: In-depth reviews across topic areas, looking at current evidence, research in progress and the implications for practice. They are developed with a steering group of professional and patient/carer experts and will give decision-makers of all kinds the research evidence they need to shape the delivery of services.

The site can be accessed here and it is free, open access and fully searchable.

To receive a monthly update of all Signals or choose to receive Signals in particular categories, subscribe to the mailing list here

Get involved

Professionals and members of the public are welcome to visit the website and sign up as a rater; raters make an invaluable contribution. Professionals and patients who are interested in this opportunity can find more information here.

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