‘Health Technology Assessment: Choosing Which Treatments Get Funded’ is a free online course on offer from the University of Sheffield, through FutureLearn. 

Starting 15 February 2016, online

Have you ever wondered why some drugs are made available to patients via healthcare services such as the NHS, while others are not?

In this free online course, we’ll look at how healthcare organisations make decisions about whether we should have access to certain treatments, focussing on a key part of the information used to make these decisions – Health Technology Assessment (HTA). Over five weeks, the course will take you through some of the key processes that go into creating a Health Technology Assessment.

The educators for this course are based in the School of Health and Related Research at The University of Sheffield. They are experts in this kind of research, and are actively involved in HTA and in developing the methods used.

Whether you’re in the medical or pharmaceutical profession, studying or thinking of studying a subject such as medicine, nursing, healthcare or health economics, or simply an interested member of the public or a patient yourself, this course will give you the story behind the headlines. And you’ll be able to answer the question How do healthcare systems make decisions about funding new treatments?

For more information and to sign-up to the course, please click here 

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