Older care-home residents as collaborators or advisors in research: a systematic review

As part of the CLAHRC EoE funded study Residents Research-Active in Care Homes (RReACH), Tamaara Backhouse and a team of researchers at the School of Health Sciences, UEA have recently published their systematic review in the journal ‘Age and Ageing’.

The wider RReACH study aimed to involve care-home residents, older people living in the community and care-home staff as PPI members in collaborator or advisor roles throughout the research (systematic review and interviews with care-home residents and staff ). This review aimed to determine how older care-home residents have been involved as PPI members in care-home research. The researchers conclude from the review of 11 studies,  that there are multiple facilitators of and barriers to involving residents as PPI members, and while it is difficult to evaluate the impact of involving care-home residents on the research outcomes, impact has been demonstrated from more inclusive research processes with care-home residents. Overall, the review shows that older care-home residents can be successfully involved in the research process.

You can access the full review by clicking here  

Articles reference: Backhouse T, Kenkmann A, Lane K, Penhale B, Poland F, and Killet A. Older care-home residents as collaborators or advisors in research: a systematic review.Age and Ageing 2016; 0: 1–9 doi: 10.1093/ageing/afv201

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