The NIHR PHR Programme: responding to local authority research needs in the UK

A review that reflects on the diversity of public health interventions outside of the NHS in the NIHR PHR Programme, has been published in Health Research Policy and Systems this week.

The paper illustrates how the PHR Programme is providing new knowledge for public health decision makers, based on the nine key areas for local authority public health action described by the King’s Fund.

Building evidence for public health interventions at local authority level is important to prioritise and implement effective changes to improve population health. The ‘Best start in life’, ‘Healthy schools and pupils’, ‘Active and safe travel’, and ‘Warmer and safer homes’ appear to be better represented than other key areas, suggests the review. When reflecting on the potential impact that the interventions could have, all are in categories which the King’s Fund report suggests are likely to be highly important for their impact on population health.

Read the full review in Health Research Policy and Systems.


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