The World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Mental Health have just launched their ‘Seven Steps Guide towards a Mentally Healthy Organisation’.

Mental health problems affect many employees, and an increasing number of businesses agree that investing in a mentally healthy workforce is good business. Where successful, measures taken to support employees’ mental well-being can have positive outcomes, including an increase in productivity and a decrease in the number of sick days. Over the past two years, the work of the Global Agenda Council on Mental Health has focused on this approach and has now launched a website highlighting seven actions which can lead to creating a mentally healthy organisation.

Dr Tine Van Bortel is a CLAHRC EoE Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge and specialises in Global Public Health. Dr Bortel has been involved in the development and launch of this guide, which has been produced to help individuals – no matter where they sit in an organisation – to develop and build the case for tackling mental illness in the workplace.

You can see the Seven Step guide by clicking here

The Global Agenda Council on Mental Health have also written about the guide here


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