Impact of PPI: Completing the Feedback Cycle – A new CLAHRC EoE development grant has just started

Researchers are required to have PPI in their projects and ask PPI representatives for comments and suggestions at various stages in the research cycle.  PPI representatives do not always receive ‘feedback’ from researchers on their comments; for example, were the comments useful, were they used and if not why not?

PPI representatives who do not receive feedback may feel less motivated to contribute in the future and wonder if giving up their time is worthwhile. Researchers may not feel feedback is important, know how to feedback and are also busy with other research activities. This study aims to find out more about this PPI process and ultimately improve PPI. We are working with six PPI organisations over the East of England.

The research team are using a online survey as one of their methods. This questionnaire will ask for the views and experiences of the PPI representatives and researchers, with a focus on giving and receiving feedback.

Researchers and PPI representatives: You may receive the survey via one of the PPI organisations. If you do, please fill in the survey and let the team know what you think. 

For more information about the study, please click here 

To contact the team: Elspeth Mathie at and Helena Wythe at

Any comments are also very welcome on Twitter: @Elspeth_mathie  #PPIfeedbackloop


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