Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities CRASSH Events (Images of Care and Dying)

Clinical practice at the end of life raises many issues which are hard to find ways to feel, think and talk about. This results in a tendency to short-circuit the process, and move quickly into familiar and abstracted debates cut off from the felt and lived realities of daily clinical work. The result is not only that these important debates become impoverished, but that some unbound intensity, half-voiced, is left for clinicians in making sense of their roles which discomforts and, at times, proves disruptive.  Film and images have a special capacity to allow us to remain with questions and difficult experiences, feeling out their meanings and implications for us and others, deepening our imagination of what life, dying and death is or might be. “Images of Care and Dying” offers a genuinely innovative interdisciplinary conversation focused around the themes of desire, responsiveness and representation – each of which is needed and difficult in a palliative care context.

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