NIHR Invention for Innovation Challenge Award – Mental health 2017

Mental illness inflicts a heavy toll on affected individuals, carers and society as a whole. It’s the largest single cause of disability and represents 28% of the national disease burden in the UK. Annually this leads to an estimated 70 million working days lost, costing the economy £70 billion a year (OECD 2014).

The NIHR Invention for Innovation (i4i) Challenge Awards are themed calls for funding in areas of unmet clinical need. Recently launched (January 11th 2017) applications are invited for the development of innovative technological solutions which can influence the patient care pathway and improve patient outcomes for mental health conditions.

Essential requirements are as follows:

  • Any R&D activities must be within the scope of the i4i Programme
  • Projects can be up to 5 years in duration
  • A minimum of two organisations must be involved from either an NHS Trust, HEI or SME.
  • Applications must include one collaborator from an NHS Trust or NHS service provider.
  • Projects must include first-in-man or later stage trials.
  • Lead applicants must be based in England.
  • Work packages must not include animal studies.
  • Projects must have progressed beyond basic research and have demonstrated proof-of-concept.

For more information please click here.

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