“NHS England’s National Clinical Director for End of Life Care meets with Palliative and End of Life Care researchers in NIHR CLAHRC EoE”

A blog by Lauren Milden, Public Health Policy Coordinator, Cambridge Institute of Public Health’s Research into Policy project

In November 2016, Professor Bee Wee (National Clinical Director for End of Life Care, NHS England) met with  Dr Stephen Barclay (Principal Investigator, CLAHRC EoE), who leads the Palliative and End of Life Care Research Group in Cambridge. They were joined by a multidisciplinary group of attendees including: Prof. John Clarkson, (Patient Safety Theme Lead, CLAHRC EoE, and Director of the Cambridge Engineering Design Centre) who is collaborating with Dr Barclay on a Marie Curie funded project to design a toolkit for redesigning community palliative care; clinicians and researchers in palliative and end of life care; a medical student; and a Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG representative, whose digital work feeds into the group’s research on Electronic Palliative Care Coordination Systems.

Professor Wee set the policy scene for the meeting, noting that the group’s research was very relevant to current discussions. The use of measurements to demonstrate success in care was explored; in EoLC policy, this becomes critical when numbers (in this case, how many deaths occur in hospital) are used to measure ‘good deaths’. Indeed, Dr Sarah Hoare (Research Associate, CLAHRC EoE) addresses parts of this complicated issue in her recent doctoral thesis. Discussions about the sector’s challenges and successes followed, and the group mapped out priorities for future research such as the cost effectiveness of certain interventions. The group also discussed various topics of interest including whether place of care is more important than place of death, which has been highlighted in some of the work by Dr Jane Fleming (Senior Research Associate, CLAHRC EoE).

Following the engaging and fruitful discussion, Professor Wee then went on to speak at the innovative CRASSH series Images of Care and Dying: Thinking with Screen Media about Palliative and End of Life Care, convened by Dr Barclay, Dr Robbie Duschinsky (Department of Public Health and Primary Care), and Professor Emma Wilson (Faculty of Modern and Medieval Language). An article from the CRASSH event is available here and you are warmly invited to register for an upcoming seminar in the series by visiting the website.

For more information, contact Lauren on lm462@medschl.cam.ac.uk 

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