Public Satisfaction with the NHS and Social Care in 2016: Results and Trends from the British Social Attitudes Survey 

Author: Mary Newton

Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) are proposals developed by the NHS and local councils to make improvements to health and social care. STPs are place-based and built around the needs of the local populations. Their success depends on effective integration of social care services with NHS health services.

This King’s Fund* report summarises results and trends from the British Social Attitudes survey, a yearly survey asking around 3,000 people what it’s like to live in Britain and what they think about how Britain is run.

In the area of health and social care, the survey reveals that while public satisfaction with the NHS overall is at 63%, satisfaction with social care services is at a very low 26%. The report expresses that “the gulf between satisfaction with the services provided by the health system and by the social care system is wide and persistent“.

The King’s Fund hopes that the survey will “focus the minds of politicians and policy-makers” and the minds of people responsible for STP implementation.

The full King’s Fund report can be accessed on the Patient Experience Library website

*The King’s Fund is an independent charity working to improve health and care in England.


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