Advancing Care – Research with Care Homes

New NIHR Themed Review: Advancing Care

A new Themed Review of NIHR research with care homes has just been published.

Advancing Care brings together NIHR research on three themes relating to the care of older people in care homes: Living well – maintaining good health and quality of life, ageing well – managing long term conditions associated with ageing, and dying well – ensuring a good quality end of life. It features:

• 23 published studies
• 21 ongoing studies
• Quotes from care home owners, managers, staff and researchers
• Where next for care home research?

You can view themed review by clicking here.

Claire Goodman is Professor of Health Care Research at University of Hertfordshire. Claire has a district nursing background and is a NIHR Senior Investigator. Her research focuses on the health and social care needs of the oldest old, including those affected by dementia and living in long term care. She leads the DEMCOM study, an evaluation of Dementia Friendly. Communities.

Please see blogs by Claire Goodman below.

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