Exciting opportunity for post- MRCPsych trainees in East of England, in clinical research / teaching ‘apprenticeship’ placements – to start February 2018

What is the aim of the scheme?

The apprenticeship scheme looks to build research capacity in psychiatric doctors. The scheme offers CT3 trainees the opportunity to undertake not only the operational aspect of research but also gain an understanding of the development and legislation that governs research in the NHS. The scheme is funded by NIHR CLAHRC East of England.

What does the content of the scheme look like?

Depending on the chosen placement, apprentices could gain knowledge and skills in the following areas:

Clinical research methodology:

  • identifying appropriate research questions
  • developing research protocols
  • understanding the HRA and ethical processes in NHS research
  • gaining experience of research methodologies
  • practicalities of day-to-day study management of studies in the NHS•
  • critical review of research proposals and findings

Clinical teaching 

  • shadowing clinical teachers and attending relevant courses
  • understanding of research, development and delivery of new psychiatry / mental health education resources or methods
  • teaching / mentoring junior students

What is being offered?
Three or six month ‘apprenticeships’ comprising of placements with  senior clinical researcher / academic mentors. The apprenticeship commences in February 2018 and has been design to allow the CT3’s who have gained their MRCPsych to gain experience of clinical research before starting higher Specialist Clinical Psychiatric Training. The apprentice will learn how clinical research relevant to mental health is carried out in the NHS and gain a range of transferable and valuable research skills. This is an exciting and rare opportunity to work with leading clinical researchers / academics from across the psychiatric pathway in the East of England, and a chance for CT3’s to develop researcher skills before undertaking the next stages of their training.

What opportunities are available?

How to apply

Interested applicants should submit a copy of their CV together with a brief (half-page maximum) account of why they would like to apply for this opportunity. Applications will be short-listed and selected applicants invited for an interview, which will be held in Cambridge. Lorna Jacobs (Senior Programme Support Officer, CLAHRC EoE) – Lorna.Jacobs@cpft.nhs.uk.


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