Improving the participation and conduct of health services research in nursing and care homes at scale (NIHR HS&DR 18/11)

The Health Services and Delivery Research (HS&DR) Programme are inviting stage 1  applications to their researcher-led workstream on Improving the participation and conduct of health services research in nursing and care homes at scale.

Rationale and scope

Research is required to improve the participation, conduct and impact of research in the care home sector. Currently, research is conducted in a minority of care homes, and is biased towards those participants able to consent. A robust minimum dataset with comprehensive coverage of residents and care homes would enable research to be more inclusive and results to be more generalisable. Research into models for collaboration, and research to evidence the uses, content, requirements for data providers and users and resourcing of a minimum dataset are required.

Topics: applicants may submit proposals under 1 or both of the following topics, (proposals outside of these topics will not be considered):

  1. What are the challenges for health services research in this sector, and how can they be overcome?
  2. How would a minimum dataset (MDS) be developed, for whom and for what purposes?
For more information and how to apply, please see the NIHR HS&DR website 
Application deadline: 1pm, 10 May 2018 
CLAHRC contribution to call:

Care Homes was identified as a national theme for cross-CLAHRC working January 2017. A steering group, comprising lead researchers from CLAHRCs, was established to deliver the objectives for this theme, which included the delivery of a cross-CLAHRC event care homes research event (November 2017). This event attracted delegates representing care home owners and managers, NIHR HS&DR, CLAHRC researchers, charity representatives, health care professionals and lay groups. There was a mix of presentations showcasing regional and national research initiatives, and group discussions on future priorities.

A key output from the steering group is a briefing sent to the NIHR HS&DR on big interventions needed to improve how care homes are aligned to and work with the NHS. The specification document for this 18/11 call cites the cross-CLAHRC care homes theme and the briefing in the background and references sections.


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