Patient Experience in England Report

NHS strategies, from the Five Year Forward View down, state that an understanding of patient experience is central to development of “person-centred” services.

However, the 2018 Patient Experience in England report shows that staff teams across the NHS continue to struggle to make sense of patient feedback.

The report draws on surveys and research carried out over the last twelve months by bodies including the Care Quality Commission, NHS England, and academic institutions.

It shows that:

  • Patient feedback could be used to drive improvement – but enthusiasm for its collection is not matched by the capacity to turn data into insight
  • Phrases like “person-centred” and “patient involvement” are poorly defined, leading to unhelpful simplifications and difficulty in evaluating different approaches
  • There are clear links between staff experience and patient experience. For example, when patient loads are high, 65% of nurses are unable to comfort or talk with their patients.

The report covers other areas such as the Gosport Inquiry and “learning from deaths” work over the last year. And it looks to the future, with consideration of how machine learning might help the NHS to keep track of the large volumes of patient feedback now coming in via social media.

Download the report here

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