Food in Later Life Game and Film launched during Malnutrition Awareness Week

Last week staff from the Centre for Research in Public Health And Community Care (CRIPACC) at the University of Hertfordshire working with Focus Games, launched The ‘Food In Later Life’ Game and a short film. The game has been developed to deliver practical knowledge and confidence to those supporting, living with or providing a service to older people, with the ultimate aim of improving health and wellbeing for the older generation. Malnutrition affects 1 in 10 older people and can cause serious health issues like weakening the immune system, inability to recover from illness, and even death.

The game has been designed to be used for anyone in a care or support role or providing a service used by older people, such as:

  • Anyone working in public health
  • Healthcare staff including community, mental health and practice nurses and students
  • Students studying dietetics, nursing, social care or hospitality
  • Staff in supermarkets or food stores
  • Social care staff working in the community
  • Community groups such as Meals on Wheels or lunch group providers
  • Volunteers working with older people
  • Hospitality and catering staff

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