Invitation to Tender: A qualitative review focusing on gender inequalities in clinical academic careers

NIHR Academy in partnership with five other organisations, Academy of Medical Science, Cancer Research UK, Health Education England, Medical Research Council, and Wellcome Trust are inviting research proposals to help understand the factors that influence career progression in academic careers, particularly in relation to gender inequality. In academic medicine, career progression for certain groups is more difficult than for others. Gender, for example, is a particular concern with women under represented at all levels, a situation that worsens as roles become more senior.

NIHR, alongside the five organisations supporting this research, is committed to providing attractive clinical academic career pathways to those who merit them, regardless of gender, ethnicity or background.

They are therefore inviting parties to tender proposals for the following research study, which should inform improvements for clinical academic pathways across the UK: “Understanding the attractiveness of and attrition in clinical academic careers for doctors and dentists across the UK – a qualitative and systematic review focusing on gender inequalities”.

For more information, including how to apply, visit the NIHR website.

Closing date: 12pm on 4th March 2019.

For enquiries, please contact



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