Research Officer – Community Engagement Thurrock

The School of Health and Social Care in the University of Essex is a partner of the NIHR ARC East of England.

They are seeking a Research Officer to establish relationships with clinicians and community organisations in Thurrock. This is a project committed to ensure diverse and inclusive user and community involvement. Specifically they are looking for someone to provide a detailed profile of the Thurrock population and key community organisations; and also to establish relationships with key community and clinical stakeholders to identify their research priorities and interests.

Duties of the Role
As Research Officer, you will work under the direction of a Principal Investigator or supervisor to produce research reports, and contribute to publications; undertake core, practical elements of research such as setting up and conducting experiments, developing questionnaires and conducting fieldwork, recording data and identifying trends or patterns; and provide a detailed profile of the Thurrock population and map the remit and location of clinical and community organisations there.

Responsibilities will also include making contact with local community leaders as an avenue for identifying equalities based organisations and groups in order for the project to reach out to them; establishing links with existing structures for community, public patient involvement as a basis for further engagement with a diverse range of community based forums that could meaningfully contribute to involvement projects in Thurrock and organising workshops with community groups and ARC researchers to share this knowledge, co-produce a wider sense of local community needs and capacity for action so as to co-identify priority areas for research, which will be grounded in the lived experience of the population.

Please note this post is fixed-term, part-time until 31 March 2020.

Closing date: 21st October 2019

More information and links to apply can be found here

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