CLAHRC East of England members announced as Q initiative fellows

The Eastern Academic Health Science Network (EAHSN) have announced their 10 members of the founding cohort of the Q initiative. Led by the Health Foundation and supported by NHS England, the Q initiative connects people skilled in quality improvement across the UK. Together the Health Foundation and NHS England have committed an initial […]

How to represent complex healthcare systems?

Title: Co-Design of an Integrated Diagrammatic Systems Modelling Language (iDSML) to Facilitate Effective communication and problem solving in Healthcare Systems. (The ‘DIAGRAMS’ study). Aim: The aim of this research was to design an integrated diagrammatic systems modelling language for describing healthcare systems. This was to facilitate communication and problem-solving in […]

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Patient satisfaction at all costs?

  Queuing Theory investigates NHS waiting times A blog by Dr Alex Komashie, Engineering Design Centre The average Brit spends over an hour a week engaged in the vexatious business of queuing. From the post office to the pub toilet, standing in line to wait a turn is a stoically […]

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Understanding risk

Project title: Understanding risk. Type of research: Mixed methods research. Background & Strength of Evidence: Despite excellent efforts from its staff the NHS is sometimes an unsafe system, and currently suffers from an overly reactive stance to the management of safety (Health Foundation, 2012; Ward, 2010). Safety-critical industries place the […]

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A patient safety framework

Project title: A patient safety framework to facilitate embedding higher level safety culture tools into the healthcare economy. Type of research: Qualitative using mixed methods for data gathering and (primarily) system modelling for data analysis, theory development and presentation of findings. Background & Strength of Evidence: Despite extensive academic research […]

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