Applying for research funds from the NIHR: A progromme of two one-day workshops

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Applying for research funds from the NIHR

4 & 11 October 2016

University of Bedfordshire, Luton

This set of two full-day interactive workshops looks at the most important aspects of putting together an application for research funding. Our work over these two days will be focused on the various funding streams run by the NIHR, although the topics covered are also highly relevant for those planning to apply to other funding streams and agencies. The overall aim of these training days is for participants in the workshops to develop the skills they need to put together a high quality research bid with a genuine chance of success in a highly competitive field.

The main themes during the two day workshops are:

  • The research topic and methodology
  • Stakeholders, partners and supporters
  • Handling and managing an application for funds

For more information, please contact Dr Muhammad Waqar: or call 01582 743782 

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