Learning Disabilities and Autism 2020 Conference & Exhibition

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Learning Disabilities and Autism 2020 Conference & Exhibition

Thursday, 12 March 2020; The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

This Open Forum conference will provide delegates with updates on:

  • How the NHS investment of £5 million will improve the care for people with a learning disability and the action plan to reduce unavoidable and premature deaths based on the data from the Learning Disability Mortality Review.
  • Two reports highlighting the concerns for people that have been hospitalised in mental health facilities, often on a long-term basis many miles from home, and the treatment and care practices they are subject to including segregation and restraint.
  • The positive steps being taken to improve outcomes including training for professional staff, recognising and reducing discrimination, alleviating isolation, curbing overzealous medicating and showcasing inspirational influence.

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