Making STPs a Reality: Action to Deliver Better Care Conference

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Making STPs a Reality: Action to Deliver Better Care Conference

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Royal Garden Hotel, London

Sustainable Transformation Plans (STPs) represent a significant shift in the way health and social care services are planned and delivered. Rather than provider competition strengthening choice and quality of care, NHS organisations have been instructed to deliver place-based planning that co-ordinate a range of services and providers around patient needs. This means different parts of the NHS and social care system working collaboratively in order to meet the challenges facing local services.

The NHS, care providers and local councils are coming together in 44 local areas to develop plans to make improvements to health and care. These placed-based proposals are being built around the needs of local populations and aim to transform the way care is delivered.

This Conference will support care providers, commissioners and local councils improve health and care in their area. The agenda has been designed to help organisations drive better quality and more sustainable health care services and explore how to collaborate to deliver improved population health and wellbeing

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Location: London