Priorities for implementing the health and care workforce strategy

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Priorities for implementing the health and care workforce strategy

Thursday, 25th October 2018, Central London

This seminar will discuss priorities for implementation of Health Education England’s full Workforce strategy, which is due to be published later this year.

The agenda includes a keynote contribution from Professor Ian Cumming, Chief Executive, Health Education England.

It will be an early opportunity to discuss the extent to which the strategy is likely to be successful in delivering its key aims – encouraging collaboration across sectors, enhancing data and measurement, improving recruitment, and reducing reliance on agency staff – and to consider the further steps that might be taken moving forward.

The agenda includes discussion on the priorities for long term workforce planning as the former Secretary of State announced that a long-term workforce plan will be published alongside the NHS 10-year plan, and the recent Home Office announcement that doctors and nurses will be taken out of the Tier 2 visa cap in order to increase international recruitment at a time when the NHS faces significant staff shortages.

Those attending will discuss the impact of the three-year pay deal on staff morale, and how staff wellbeing might be supported further in order to create a positive work culture in the NHS.

Planned sessions will also examine case studies of best practice in staff recruitment and retention; the challenges of responding to Brexit and the likely end of freedom of movement and the initial impact of the NHS bursary reform in 2017 on workforce development.

Following the Government’s recent consultation on Promoting professionalism, reforming regulation, further sessions will focus on the next steps for professional regulation and what more might be done to improve patient safety and experience.

Overall, areas for discussion include:

  • Implementing the health and care workforce strategy;
  • Priorities for ensuring patient centred care and the potential of volunteers;
  • The role of local authorities in supporting carers and community care;
  • The impact of changes to professional healthcare regulation;
  • Patient safety, leadership and staff engagement;
  • Long term workforce planning – training and apprenticeships, skills and the impact of Brexit;
  • Supporting staff wellbeing – morale, mental health and workplace culture; and
  • Case studies: best practice in recruitment, retention and workforce experience.

A regularly updated version of the agenda is available to download here.

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