Public Health: The Unusual Suspects

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Public Health: The Unusual Suspects

Wednesday, 24th October 2018, The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Caron Walker, Assistant Director, Adult Public Health Improvement, Public Health Consultant (FFPH), Calderdale MBC will be talking about the Health Impacts of Loneliness and Social Isolation. Loneliness and social isolation is a significant public health concern, particularly amongst older people. Identifying and intervening not only improves quality and enjoyment of life, it can improve health and wellbeing and alleviate healthcare needs.

While the emphasis continues to focus on the major public health concerns such as tobacco, alcohol and obesity etc, there is numerous low key and under publicised public health issues and challenges that need to be addressed.

This event will allow investors in public health to come together to learn more about the lower profile issues and gain the knowledge to overcome the challenges that the public health community faces.

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