Roadshows for medtech SMEs in Cambridge and Birmingham

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Roadshows for medtech SMEs in Cambridge and Birmingham

Two events will take place in October:

  1. Tuesday 16 October 2018 – CambridgeBradfield Centre, Unit 184 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge. Click here to register.
  2. Thursday 18 October 2018 – iCentrum, Birmingham Science Park, Birmingham. Click here to register.

These roadshows are specifically tailored for medtech SMEs and will provide the opportunity to find out more about:

  • opportunities for SMEs to access funding
  • what support is available for SMEs to develop and test an idea
  • how the NIHR supports SMEs in the conduct of clinical trials
  • how the NIHR helps SMEs to formulate research plans and find collaborators, supporting centres and facilities for R&D
  • how to access NIHR’s expertise through its leading investigators
  • how the AHSN innovation and adoption service can support the promotion, development and adoption of your innovation
  • relevant national programmes to support the adoption of innovation.
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