Two qEEG workshops in Cambridge – Functional biomarkers and Brainstorm

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Two qEEG workshops in Cambridge – Functional biomarkers and Brainstorm


  1. Functional biomarkers in psychiatry and neurology – Quantitative EEG, event related potentials and neurotherapy

An advanced Workshop with Professor Jury D. Kropotov, Open University (Cambridge), Saturday 8th to Tuesday 11th of April 2017.

The goal of this 4-day workshop is to teach attendees how to improve their diagnostic and treatment tools for conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Depression, Dementia, OCD, PTSD and Schizophrenia.

Prof Kropotov is laboratory director at the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of the Human Brain, St. Petersburg, Russia, and a USSR State Prize Winner for his contributions to brain science. He has taught introductory and high-level qEEG courses in the UK since 2004.

For 4 days, the course fee is £600 (£400 for students, £527 for BNA members). 

For further information and booking, please visit.


  1. Brainstorm Workshop

A 3-day workshop with Professor Sylvain Baillet and François Tadel at the Medical Research Council’s Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge, Friday 9th to Sunday 11th June 2017.

This workshop is the first UK opportunity to learn more about Brainstorm, an open-source application dedicated to the analysis of brain recordings (e.g. EEG, EEG, MEG, fNIRS and ECoG). The software provides a comprehensive set of user-friendly tools using a rich and intuitive graphic interface. The course will provide both detailed instruction and hands-on practical sessions, with an opportunity to apply Brainstorm to your own research on the third day.

The instructors are both highly experienced. Professor Baillet is currently Director of the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre at McGill University, Montreal, and François Tadel is development leader for the Brainstorm project. This has been steadily growing since the late 1990s, with over 15,000 users now registered worldwide.

For further information and booking, please click here.

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