UEA Qualitative Research Symposium 2017 – Keynote speakers announced

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UEA Qualitative Research Symposium 2017 – Keynote speakers announced

27 March 2017

University of East Anglia

This annual UEA Qualitative Research Symposium provides a unique space to bring together researchers from within and across the various social sciences to discuss theoretical and practical issues involved in qualitative research. The theme this year is enriching qualitative approaches to help understand ‘families’ and ‘households’ within the context of increasingly technologised, mobile and diverse societies. The symposium will offer opportunity to critically consider both the complexities and challenges that confront researchers and their stimulation of methodological diversity and innovation. Speakers will engage with the audience to explore:

  • How can qualitative methods help us understand the social practices of families and households, and what can we learn about the multiplicity of methods available by sharing ideas with researchers beyond our own disciplines?
  • What are the ethical and governance challenges of undertaking work across diverse groups of young people and families?
  • How can qualitative researchers creatively respond to these new conceptual, theoretical and ethical challenges in the design of research for understanding families and households?

The symposium will showcase and examine examples of qualitative research projects in this area undertaken at UEA and by other qualitative research groups in the United Kingdom. The programme will include both interactive presentations and workshops, allowing time for networking and sharing of ideas.

Morning Keynote: Methodological invention and the study of everyday (energy) practices in families and households

Karen Henwood, Professor of Social Sciences, Cardiff University

Afternoon Keynote: Understanding family differences through memory and individual experiential accounts

David Morgan, Emeritus Professor, University of Manchester

The event is open to postgraduate students, researchers and academics interested in qualitative research. The event is free to UEA attendees and £30 to non-UEA attendees. It will take place in the Julian Study Centre at UEA. Please contact Suzanna Dell to register: suzanna.dell@uea.ac.uk

Poster submissions also welcomed.

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