Elspeth Mathie


Senior Research Fellow and Co-Lead for the PPI Theme in Research Theme


Dr. Elspeth Mathie has worked as Researcher in CRIPACC (Centre for Research in Public Health and Community Care), University of Hertfordshire since 2005, and previously Exeter University where she gained her MA and PhD. She has over 20 years of health research experience. Since April 2014 Elspeth has been part of the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in Research Theme at CLAHRC East of England. She is a member of PIRg (Public Involvement in Research group) at University of Hertfordshire. Her past research has included NIHR funded studies in care homes focusing on end of life care and dementia (Prof. Claire Goodman) and [deleted here] RAPPORT (Research with Patient and Public Involvement: a realist evaluation) which was led by Prof. Tricia Wilson. Elspeth’s current work is on Improving PPI Feedback between researchers and PPI contributors [link to study page?] Elspeth is currently co-leading the PPI Theme with Professor Fiona Poland.


Email: e.j.mathie@herts.ac.uk twitter: @elspeth_mathie