Emily Clark


CLAHRC Fellow 2019


Dr Emily Clark is a GP living in Norwich and working as a salaried GP in a clinic which serves hard to reach groups (homeless & asylum seekers). She has a passion for global health. She has been involved in a volunteering charity which has taken her to work in Ghana, Kenya, Sri Lanka, India and Zambia. She studied Human Sciences at UCL and medicine at UEA. She was Beyond Europe Lead for the RCGP Junior International Committee for 3 years, leading on global health opportunities and collaborations relevant GPs. In 2015 she volunteered in Kisiizi hospital in South West Uganda for 7 months with the Sustainable Volunteering Partnership. From that she became involved in USHAPE (Ugandan Sexual Health and Public Education, ushape.org.uk), which has taken her back to Uganda several times. Her fellowship will concentrate on understanding of delivering primary care to hard to reach groups.