Joyce Coker


Research Associate


Dr Joyce Coker is a Research Associate in the Dementia, Frailty and End of Life theme. She is based in the Cambridge Institute of Public Health and has a background in Human Physiology and Public Health. During her PhD (University of Leeds, 2015), she used quantitative and qualitative research methods to examine the influence of statin-use on the dietary and exercise patterns; health beliefs; and perceived availability of social support of adults at risk of cardiovascular disease in South Yorkshire and in urban and semi-urban cities in Nigeria. She currently works on the Frailty Trajectories project which aims to optimise the care of frail older adults living in the community by describing care trajectories across care settings and testing the effects of known predictors of transitions to capture the process of frailty in later life. Her research interests include: improving care of older adults, especially frail adults living in the community; health beliefs; and health behaviours, especially dietary and exercise patterns.