Lee Hooper


NIHR Career Development Fellow and Senior Lecturer


Dr Lee Hooper is a NIHR Career Development Fellow, carrying out research to identify the early stages of dehydration in older people. She is a dietitian and nutritionist with a long term interest in the nutrition and hydration of older people. She is an expert systematic reviewer and has developed, managed and authored many systematic reviews. Lee has been an editor for the Cochrane Heart Group for 12 years, was an editor of the Cochrane Oral Health Group for 5 years, and regularly referees systematic reviews for top medical and nutrition journals. Lee has a BSc in Biochemistry, PhD (University of Manchester) and current dietetic registration. She worked as a dietitian in the National Health Service for ten years, then moved to research in 2000 and has since published over 70 peer-reviewed publications, mainly in the area of the effects of dietary change on health. Her publications have been cited over 2000 times (with an average citation per publication of over 28, and h-index of 23). Lee is a member of the world Health Organization Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group (NUGAG) on Diet and Health, which has recently produced guidance on sodium and potassium intakes. As well as being a Cochrane editor, she is an editor of Quality in Aging, was awarded Ibex Award by British Dietetic Association (2005), and was a member of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) Partners Council.