Nic Yeates


CLAHRC Fellow 2015


Nic studied Psychology and Social Anthropology at Goldsmiths College before travelling for as long as he could afford to after Uni. He returned hoping for a career in medicine and began working in local authority children's homes in West Sussex. It was during these years of working with looked after children that Nic discovered that he actually wanted to be a Psychologist. Nic moved to Norfolk in 2002 to complete his clinical training and now can't think of a good reason to live anywhere else. Since completing his Doctorate Nic has worked in Community CAMHS in Great Yarmouth and since 2009 has been the Clinical Lead at the Compass Centre. The Compass is a therapeutic education service for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, that now has three bases across Norfolk. Nic will be using his CLAHRC Fellowship to develop the evidence base for The Compass Approach and to explore the beliefs of pupils, parents and staff about how the project has achieved successful clinical and academic outcomes. It is hoped that this will lead to similar provisions being developed in other local authorities nationally.