Ruth Turner


CLAHRC Fellow 2014


Ruth qualified as a clinical psychologist in 2007. Since then she has been working primarily in a service providing early intervention to people with psychosis whilst also developing a special interest in mental health difficulties in people with neurodevelopmental disorders. She has also contributed to a range of clinical research projects based in the team in which she works, including studies that evaluate psychological intervention and recovery from psychosis. Ruth is particularly interested in developing further, and strengthening, the relationship between research and clinical work. She is looking forward to using the opportunities provided by a CLAHRC Fellowship to support the development of a neurodevelopmental disorders service in which research and clinical practice work very closely, with each informing the other. Ruth's project is titled 'Overlapping neurodevelopmental disorders?: A structured review of the literature relating to autism spectrum conditions (ASCs), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and intellectual (ID, learning) disabilities among adults'. A new neurodevelopmental disorders service, for young adults up the age of 25 years, is planned. The review will examine the evidence and provide clinical guidance regarding the assessment of young adults (18-25 years) with multiple neurodevelopmental disorders.