Dementia, frailty and end-of-life care

Led by Professor Carol Brayne of the University of Cambridge, this theme is built upon highly successful applied health research involving established collaborations between universities, commissioners and provider organisations.

Enduring disabilities and disadvantage

Led by Professor Tony Holland at the University of Cambridge, this theme involves a diverse group of children, young people, and adults ‘at risk’ of mental and/or physical health inequalities.

Patient safety

Led by Professor John Clarkson of the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Design Centre, and incorporating the Judge Business School (Professor Stefan Scholtes), this theme brings design principles into complex health and social care systems with many immediate applications, particularly in the light of the Francis Report.

Health economics 

Led by Professor Jennifer Whitty of the University of East Anglia, the theme provides support to other themes of CLAHRC East of England e.g. in relation to assessing the costs and benefits of alternative treatments. It also leads projects which focus on the application and development of the methods of economic evaluation.

Patient and public involvement research

Led by Professor Fiona Poland (University of East Anglia), and Dr Elspeth Mathie (University of Hertfordshire), this theme focuses not only on implementation of current best practice, but also on applied research that defines and develops optimal approaches to PPI in applied health research, implementation science and the process of innovation.

Innovation and evaluation of population health interventions

The innovation and evaluation cross-cutting theme builds on the successful public health theme of CLAHRC CP that has provided commissioners and researchers with advice on research-based service evaluation and population health.