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Decision aids are available to engage seriously ill people

Tools to Promote Shared Decision Making in Serious Illness: A Systematic Review People with serious illnesses may value shared decision making, but there are few decision aids available for this group. A systematic review suggested that decision tools improve patient knowledge and awareness of treatment choices and tools are available for those […]

The Cancer Tablets study (CaTS)

Project title The Cancer Tablets study (CaTS) Background & Scientific Rationale: One quarter (28.8%) of UK deaths are from cancer: as the population ages, the incidence of cancer is increasing. Patient expectations of treatment are also rising. Current guidelines set out when to start treatment and in which patients, but […]

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Dying without dignity

Dying without dignity Investigations by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman into complaints about end of life care. This report details 12 cases that illustrate the complaints that have been received about end of life care. It’s 6 key themes are poor symptom control, poor communication, inadequate out of hours services, poor […]

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ACE Study

Project title: Understanding Hospital Admissions Close to the End of Life (ACE) Study Type of research: Applied research Background & Scientific Rationale: Where patients die, and whether that place is their choice, reflects how we view and care for people at the end of life. National and local NHS policy […]