Economic Evaluation of telehealth

Project title: Economic Evaluation of telehealth: Systematic Review and economic model Type of research: Systematic review & meta-analysis Background & Scientific Rationale: Treatment costs for people with long term conditions are rising, as are the number of people with these conditions. Telehealth services (where monitoring occurs through the remote exchange […]

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Economic evaluation of the EQUIP programme

Project title: Economic evaluation of the EQUIP programme Type of research: Economic evaluation alongside a clinical trial Background & Scientific Rationale: It has been argued that that criminal offending is associated with a developmental delay in moral reasoning, distorted cognitions, and social skills (Gibbs et al, 2010). To address this, […]

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Health resource use measurement in clinical trials

Project title: Health resource use measurement in clinical trials: should we measure general health services or disease-specific health service resource use? Type of research: Reanalysis of RCT data and comparison of reporting methods Background & Scientific Rationale: In economic evaluation alongside clinical trials, there are alternative ways of obtaining health […]

Value of information analysis

Project title: Prevention of long term social disability amongst young people with emerging signs of severe mental illness – estimating the value of further research and what data to collect in a future definitive study (Value of information analysis) Type of research: Value of information analysis (Health Economics) Background & […]

Understanding risk

Project title: Understanding risk. Type of research: Mixed methods research. Background & Strength of Evidence: Despite excellent efforts from its staff the NHS is sometimes an unsafe system, and currently suffers from an overly reactive stance to the management of safety (Health Foundation, 2012; Ward, 2010). Safety-critical industries place the […]

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A patient safety framework

Project title: A patient safety framework to facilitate embedding higher level safety culture tools into the healthcare economy. Type of research: Qualitative using mixed methods for data gathering and (primarily) system modelling for data analysis, theory development and presentation of findings. Background & Strength of Evidence: Despite extensive academic research […]

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Mental health training for foster carers

Mental health training for foster carers (Close up training) The Transfer of Care at 17 (TC17) research project (CLAHRC Cambridgeshire & Peterborough in collaboration with Cambridgeshire County Council Children’s services) identified a toxic cycle wherein mental health problems fed placement breakdown which, in turn, exacerbated mental health problems. (More information […]

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Red Flags for Autism

Project title: Red Flags for Autism Type of research Implementation phase of CLAHRC CP project Background & Scientific Rationale: The Autism Act (2009), the Autism Strategy (Department of Health, 2010) and the NICE Guidelines (2012) all recommend improved screening and diagnosis of autism spectrum conditions (ASC) in both childhood and adulthood. […]